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“The Good, The Bad and The Weird” (2008 Film, South Korea) Kim Jee-woon

“The Good, The Bad, The Weird” is a South Korean 2008 war, comedy, action and Western film that was directed by Kim Jee-woon. Jee-woon created a movie influenced by American Westerns. There were amazing stunts, special effects and innovative videography techniques throughout the entire film. The three characters were the Bad was a hitman, the good, the side of justice and the Weird, was a man who was running from his past. The Bad had a different goal in mind than the Weird and the Good, where he was going to take revenge on the unsuspecting weird from an action, he did a long time ago.

In the opening scenes, the weird was onboard a train to find a treasure map. He ended up shooting some people, and then the bad was outside of the train, and he wanted the train to stop, so he can get the map. During that scene, the Bad placed the pile of garbage and fire on the middle of the tracks to achieve that task. From that point, more innovative techniques were used when more and more stunts occurred within the movie. Some additional stunts were when a man was thrown off of a motorcycle. During that stunt, the Weird was riding and the motorcycle was shot by the good and launched him off the motorcycle.

During the mission, unique camera angles were used in several circumstances. The first instance was when a man broke through the doors and was shot by the weird. During that shot, the blood hit the camera. Then, there was a really long chase scene between the Weird, the Bad, the Good, several gangs and the Japanese army. During that scene, there were gunfights, riders on horsebacks, car stunts, motorcycle stunts, and was thrilling to watch. At the ending of the movie, there was a shootout between the Good, Bad and Weird. This scene and ending were similar to “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” that starred Clint Eastwood. The difference was that there was a cave-in and an oil well explosion. The Weird and the Good were about to fight about trust, but at the start of the fight, the ground caved in and the Weird got trapped in the cave. The Bad joined them and there was a shootout. Following the shootout after everyone was hurt, the treasure was found as a massive oil explosion erupted. Viewers assumed that all three of them died, never them receiving their treasure.

Although this film is South Korean, there are some aspects that this film can be similar to an American Western Film. In comparison, Clint Eastwood’s westerns had some similar aspects and conflicts except the three of them were completely against one another. Throughout the film, the high-definition images were illustrated just like a movie today. The camerawork, angles and effects were quite innovative because the movie was entertaining, thrilling and enjoyable to watch.

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